HiredScore Differentiation:
Unique SuccessFactors ATS Integration
SAP Success Connect conference and more
HiredScore Technology Team has presented on the Main Stage of the annual SAP SuccessConnect conference multiple times, specifically highlighting the unique integration that HiredScore has built with the SuccessFactors ATS
Early API advisors to SAP
HiredScore’s Technology Team were early API advisors for SAP for other vendors looking to build on Intelligent Services
First AI vendor featured in SAP App Center
HiredScore was the first vendor to build on SuccessFactors’ Intelligent Services API
2014 - Official SAP Partners
Since 2014, HiredScore has been an official SAP Partners

HiredScore - ATS Integration Architecture

HiredScore is an official partner and approved SFSF integration for ATS, CRM and HCM

ATS-HiredScore integration is a Deep Bi-Directional Real-Time Integration

HiredScore’s integration keeps the ATS as the System of Record for req and candidate information

Security, Privacy and Compliance are prioritized in this integration

The integration is easy to install and easy to maintain on the client side and requires minimal HRIS/IT time investment (7- 10 hours in total) for entire implementation process

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