Contingent Hiring

Unlocking the flexibility of work by connecting projects and your extended workforce

HiredScore’s AI bridges talent acquisition and the extended workforce by seamlessly uncovering the best resources for the work that needs to get done.

Strategically activate your total talent options for every task, project, or role

HiredScore’s dual understanding of your business needs and different talent options drive smart actions and talent discovery from your extended workforce and project systems for speed, cost, and diversity goal achievement.

Instantly identify the most relevant talent for every project

Concentrate on selecting the most qualified talent through a fair, supplier-neutral process that optimizes bill rates and ensures equitable opportunity for all candidates.

Fully utilizing your private talent cloud and flex to perm interest

Delivering passive talent for open roles or projects to gain the most from your talent cloud and find a role for those interested in becoming part of your full-time workforce.

Discovery and rehire your best extended workforce talent

Automatically routes your talent to the best role for them, including rehires, so you can improve quality and minimize the cost of vacancy.

Maximize workforce potential with AI

Use HiredScore's advanced AI for effective talent utilization. Identify ideal candidates for each role, balancing cost and skill, for a dynamic and responsive workforce.

Unlock up to 40% of the workforce engaged in alternative work, including contingent, part-time, or gig work, to harness diverse talent and flexibility.

*Deloitte 2018 report on Global Human Capital Trends for US workforce