Talent Rediscovery

Instantly fetch the most relevant talent for every role

HiredScore's AI instantly finds your highest converting, best fit talent from internal, external, passive, and the extended workforce.

Meet Fetch, your Talent Rediscovery AI

HiredScore explores all talent options - past ATS, CRM, employees, VMS, and connected external databases - to surface a high quality slate for every role.

Pre-qualifies passive leads

Fetch leads are up to 8x more likely to accept a job offer from your company.

Job intelligence at your fingertips

Understand the impact of every job requirement on supply, demand and diversity.

Augmented workforce management

Help every employee find the next role for them without the guesswork.

Optimize your extended workforce

Unlock diversity from your contingent talent with redeployment, flex conversion, and full visibility.

Unprecedented reduction of time-to-fill


faster time-to-interview


reduction in time-to-fill

*based on real Fortune 500 client results, which may vary by client.

Elevate the Candidate Experience

Predictive Candidate Engagement

Effectively predicts candidate interest and conversion with unique accuracy, enhancing recruitment targeting.

Fair Talent Qualification

Provides assurance of fair and unbiased qualification for passive talent, promoting equitable talent assessment.

Unified Talent Rediscovery

Unifies diverse talent ecosystems to comprehensively uncover and assess all potential hiring avenues.

Efficient Outreach Deployment

Deploys bots and targeted outreach efforts efficiently to effectively reduce the cost-to-convert in recruitment.