Internal Talent Mobility

Supercharge Employee Growth & Retention
Only HiredScore delivers highly personalized career coaching at employees’ fingertips significantly boosting employee engagement, movement, and retention.

Cutting-edge opportunity matching

AI that has been meticulously crafted for HR for over a decade leverages your talent data to develop rich, real-time employee profiles and matches them to job openings based on skills, interests, and client-specific talent mobility guidelines.

Effortless employee discovery

Without navigating new systems or unfamiliar processes, employees receive the right opportunities at the right time in their typical flow - MS Teams chat or their email inbox, significantly boosting employee engagement and internal movement.

Seamless employee progression

Prioritizing internal candidates is a breeze with auto-alerts to recruiters and hiring managers, auto-scoring candidates, and auto-advancing top candidates directly to the hiring manager.

Efficient internal recruiter sourcing

Recruiters can instantly identify a pool of highly qualified active and passive internal candidates for open positions. Filters enable fast refinement to hone in on those who meet the top requirements.

Clear visibility into the advancement of mobility goals

Easily track progress and mitigate risk with insight into employee engagement and talent mobility overall, by key groups, and by employee.

Overcome employee data gaps

With highly visible, personalized career coaching, employees are encouraged to update their profiles for optimal opportunity matching.

Fastest time to value with the lightest lift

HiredScore has an average 90 day or less implementation timeline and minimal HRIT time investment.

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Results of a Fortune 100 HiredScore Internal Talent Mobility client

The benefits of a robust internal talent mobility program

The Payoff of a Strong Program

Employees stay 41% longer at companies that regularly hire from within.

Source:  LinkedIn Global Talent Study
The Cost of a Weak Program

Replacing existing workers costs 50% to 200% of the employee’s annual salary.

Source: Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report