Social Impact Partners

Removing barriers to accessing diverse talent
At HiredScore, it is our mission to enable fair hiring and empower every HiredScore client to expand their own positive impact.
HiredScore clients are showing a growing interest in increasing underrepresented talent in their workforces, including immigrants and refugees. However, the difficulties of accessing such talent has hindered progress. Our partnership ecosystem offers a unique solution by directly connecting this talent to recruiting teams within current processes, expanding visibility and enhancing diversity goal achievement.”
Athena Karp
CEO & founder of HiredScore

Ways we bring positive change

Our Social Impact Partners:

Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global is a national nonprofit focused on eliminating employment barriers for immigrant and refugee professionals. Upwardly Global’s innovative skill-building and networking programs coach internationally-trained professionals in rebuilding their professional careers and engage U.S. employers in accessing their talents through inclusive hiring practices. To date, Upwardly Global has placed more than 9,000 immigrant and refugee job seekers, adding over $600 million to the economy each year.

HiredScore and Upwardly Global’s partnership aims to reduce hiring biases by applying HiredScore’s fully explainable, ethical artificial intelligence (AI) – which directly combats unconscious biases of traditional screening systems and hiring processes. HiredScore will surface Upwardly Global’s immigrant and refugee professionals for open roles and incorporate this underrepresented talent into existing applicant pools. As a result, highly qualified immigrant and refugee candidates within Upwardly Global’s network will become visible to the largest and most innovative organizations in the world.