Diversity & Inclusion AI Solutions

Go beyond checking the box

Proactively drive diversity & inclusion recruiting forward with complete visibility, transparency, and clarity.

There's no silver bullet that solves complex and ambitious diversity & inclusion goals

Take a proactive approach to driving D&I recruitment agendas forward. Get the clarity, augmentation, and solutions you need to hire, retain, and advance underrepresented talent across every seniority level and location with HiredScore.

Empowering Diverse Hiring with Responsible AI

Proactive insights to help achieve diversity goals

Diversity Insights provides instant feedback on the availability of candidates that meet client-defined diversity (gender or ethnicity) across the funnel while respecting data minimums and anonymization. Automatic highlights show how filters and screening methods accelerate or impair diversity goal achievement for every req.

Comprehensive, consistent & fair candidate review

Masked screening mitigates impact from hiring manager biases. Unlike other masking solutions, HiredScore's Masked Screening goes beyond common redaction methods, improving speed and experience. It reduces change management by applying AI-insights and revealing appropriate data to allow hiring managers to clearly see candidate qualifications, without the distractions of non-relevant data.

Nurture diverse talent for future hiring

Diversity Pipelines automate compliant recommendations of qualified diverse talent to pipelines for nurturing and future hiring. Compliantly search pipelines in Dynamic Fetch, seamlessly sync data across your CRM, and instantly find the most relevant open req for qualified passive leads.

Discover diverse talent

Diversity Pipeline Fetch enables recruiters and sourcers to instantly surface talent from diverse pipelines within your talent community without viewing each candidate's gender or race data.