Hiring Manager Productivity Hub

Helping hiring managers exceed their goals

HiredScore accelerates managers’ speed and satisfaction with augmented workflows and intelligence.

Reduce the “track & chase”

Long road

Eliminate the painful back-and-forth for speedier candidate feedback and hiring decisions with real-time updates and smart reminders for overdue actions.

Connecting candidate data & processes

Hiring Hub integrates third party candidate data for a single profile with process support tools including scheduling and chat functions.

Diagnose process drop-offs and delays

Understand the impact of hiring manager misalignment with SLAs for speed, experience, and quality to mitigate candidate withdrawal and dissatisfaction.

Reducing effort with intelligent automation

Automation of steps and processes with safety boundaries on compliance and quality help managers get through the necessary vetting and hiring steps faster.

Increase security and privacy

Digital end-to-end experiences designed to protect personal data, purging and consent requirements, and global compliance standards.

Give your managers back time to do their day jobs

One-Stop Candidate Review

Effectively predicts candidate interest and conversion with unique accuracy, enhancing recruitment targeting.

Connected Feedback Loop

Unify recruiter and hiring manager insights for seamless candidate evaluation

Custom Automation Engine

Configure AI-powered tasks to liberate talent teams and accelerate recruitment

Integrated Talent Platform

Connect scheduling, assessments, video, and chat for a frictionless candidate experience

Hiring Manager Collaboration


faster candidate review rates while improving the experience

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