Recruiting in the Pandemic: Reflections on HiredScore’s Role in Helping Fight COVID-19

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Tyler Weeks

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A couple weeks ago, I got the latest in a series of emails from my kid’s school district outlining one of the most exciting developments in his young life—masks would be optional in classrooms and on school buses starting the following week. 

I know we’re all tired of the pandemic, and guidelines have varied from state to state, but for us here in the Pacific Northwest, it has been a solid two years of mask-wearing in public places, and we’re starving to see each others’ smiles again. 

It was also two years ago that I was a client of HiredScore, anxiously planning to launch a tool that was going to mark the first measurable improvement to Recruiter productivity since maybe computers themselves. I wanted that launch to go seamlessly and had been planning for months to be onsite in Costa Rica and India to celebrate with and learn from the experiences of those teams.

Transformation is hard, but it’s easy to weather the inevitable storms when you know it will make recruiters’ lives better. 

The night before my flight to Bangalore, the world seemed to be crashing down around us, but no one seemed sure what was happening. There were no clear travel guidelines, but families were nervous. We made the call that night to cancel the live launches. Within days, flights were being canceled as panic and travel lockdowns kicked in, and we knew we’d made the right call. 

My amazing team took up the challenge to convert a week’s worth of in-person training and team-building exercises into our first virtual launch of that scale. Like everyone else, we were learning on the fly how to push the boundaries of video conferencing to keep ourselves on track. And, well, you know the rest of the story. 

Two years. It’s incredible how much has changed and how we’ve adapted. Now I work at HiredScore, and I like to look back with gratitude and pride at what we’ve been a part of. 

With thousands of recruiters across the globe using HiredScore’s recruiting productivity tools, we have played a pivotal role in the fight against COVID-19.

Since January of 2020, HiredScore has been used to mine, match, and shortlist over 200,000 doctors, nurses, scientists, technicians, delivery drivers, factory workers, and an army of talented people supporting our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients alone. Our uniquely compliant AI sourced and recommended more than 20,000 people for those roles that applied when invited. 

Trying to source that many people manually would have taken hundreds of thousands of human hours. 

These impressive numbers don’t even include the role HiredScore has played in accelerating the recruiters supporting our 40 other Fortune 100 clients as throngs of people sought a fresh start during the great resignation.

The great problems our world faces will require unprecedented technological advancements. Those innovations will require coordination across larger and larger groups of people. I’m excited to be part of a team unlocking that future with the highest standards of compliance and ethics in every country where recruiters working for the world’s most complex employers operate. 

Here’s to what the next two years will bring as HiredScore is used to match refugees with new opportunities and accelerate the efforts of the companies working to make our collective future bright.

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