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Over the past decade, companies of all sizes have focused on implementing and adopting HR systems, from an ATS to attract and hire the best talent...



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Automate and Augment Hiring, Talent Mobility, and Flexible Workforce Management with HiredScore for SAP

Over the past decade, companies of all sizes have focused on implementing and adopting HR systems, from an ATS to attract and hire the best talent, to a CRM for passive talent management, to an HCM to manage the workforce, a VMS to support growing contingent workforce needs, an LMS to train/develop the workforce, and more. In the age of artificial intelligence, these systems, once-implemented, can be leveraged to transform any company’s critical Talent Acquisition and Talent Management processes to benefit from efficiency and effectiveness-improving process automation and augmentation. HiredScore’s partnership with SAP is the unique convergence of SAP’s best-of-breed, global HR systems with HiredScore’s industry-leading innovation in compliant, global, and Fortune 500-focused AI for HR.

HiredScore is an AI HR technology company powering the largest global companies with solutions that improve hiring processes, talent mobility, candidate experience, permanent and flexible workforce decision-making, and help organizations adapt for the future of work. HiredScore has won best-in-class recognition for delivering business value and industry transformation with its products, including Spotlight (real-time candidate scoring) and Fetch (sourcing automation of past ATS & CRM leads, internal hiring proactive sourcing, and flexible worker sourcing) for recruiters, sourcers, hiring managers, and talent management teams.

As compliance and security are paramount to any large global enterprise solution, all products include HiredScore’s proprietary bias-removal and automated bias testing underlying technologies, combined with global security and information privacy best practices. In order to provide a zero-risk, always updated systems of record, and zero-change management solution to further HR transformations to a data-driven and AI-augmented global HR function, all HiredScore solutions are deeply and seamlessly integrated with two-way integration mirroring with client’s existing HR systems and HR data sources, including a custom-built integration for SAP’s SuccessFactors and Fieldglass systems.


HiredScore’s clients typically receive between 500k – 1.6 million resumes per year for an average of 18k – 110k hires globally. With HiredScore’s Spotlight and Fetch solutions seamlessly integrated with client’s ATS, CRM, & HCM, the technology is able to significantly improve recruiter efficiency by over 90% for the screening and sourcing phases, while removing unconscious bias from this critical part of the hiring process.

HiredScore’s Internal Fetch provides a first-of-a-kind proactive talent retention solution integrated with SuccessFactors that uniquely incorporates and ensures each company’s internal Talent Mobility requirements are met for all recommendations, while leveraging AI to recommend both traditional and less traditional career opportunities across the company’s global workforce to recruiters and managers. For example, within the first few weeks of launching HiredScore’s Internal Fetch, a global Fortune 100’s recruiting team reviewed and expressed interest in over 60 diverse, employee recommendations that were automatically found and recommended from SuccessFactors for new jobs in the ATS within 10 minutes of the job being opened. This unique marriage of leading Workforce Management solutions from SAP with HiredScore’s customized AI for HR unlocks the ability for companies to stay true to the promise of proactively helping employees realize their full career potential and receive a fair and unbiased consideration for open positions.

As a partner that has seen first-hand the tremendous business impact for large, global clients of integrated next generation AI for HR applications like HiredScore with SAP SuccessFactors systems, HiredScore is excited to be a part of SAP SuccessFactors’ New Community of Simple Solutions to Big Problems. “As many companies complete the phase of digitizing HR post-implementation and adoption of leading HR Systems like SAP SuccessFactors, they are now looking for the easiest way to leverage their HR data and remove barriers between systems to unleash high-quality and compliant process automation for time-consuming or previously impossible or too-costly HR tasks and data-driven augmentation for uniquely human processes,” HiredScore’s CEO and Founder Athena Karp said. “The most exciting development in the current state of HR technology is the ability for large corporates to gain access to cutting-edge solutions, like HiredScore’s AI, that are purposefully designed to be seamlessly connected to their existing HR systems to enable the business and user benefits of technology innovation and scientific developments directly connected to their HR systems.”

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