Recruiter Productivity

Unleash the Power of Your HR Data

HiredScore’s artificial intelligence, orchestration, and deep integrations help you safely and transparently balance competing priorities and accelerate strategic hiring.

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Screening Augmentation

Identify Priority Candidates Instantly

Harness HiredScore's powerful AI. Get instant relevance scores for applicants, aligning with specific job criteria. This transformative approach optimizes recruitment, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Experience Transparent Applicant Scoring

Experience HiredScore's transparent AI. With each applicant score, we ensure complete reportability and compliance, seamlessly aligning with job prerequisites, for a fully accountable recruitment process.

Amplify Recruiter Efficiency & Results

Talent Orchestration amplifies recruiter efficiency. Our AI, synced with business goals, navigates data intricacies, promotes trust, and guarantees consistent, high-quality recruitment outcomes.

Capture Customized Company Nuances

Embracing fairness, HiredScore's AI captures unique company nuances. Dive deep pre-launch for a tailored grasp of job roles, company ethos, and the distinctive hiring landscape.

Reduce Time-to-Screen
by up to 68%

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Sourcing Automation

Instantly discover the most relevant leads for every role, including cross-talent search (internal, external, perm & flex), with AI-verified minimum qualifications achievement and candidate-interest-in-role predictions. automation, artificial intelligence, and deep integrations. Automatically convert consented talent to applicants or leverage recruiter workflow augmentation to review and recommend passive talent to the most relevant open req for them. Save time and increase results with automated outreach.

Increase your sourcing
capacity by 3x

94% of Fortune 500 reqs could be filled with existing talent

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Hiring Manager Collaboration

Eliminate "Track & Chase" Hassles

Skip manual emails and calls. Use automation to get real-time updates and smart reminders. Ensure quicker feedback, faster decision-making, and speedier hiring.

Enhance Hiring Manager Experience

Simplify decisions with holistic profiles. Get unbiased, one-click evaluations without juggling multiple systems. The Hiring Manager Hub seamlessly integrates for cross-platform insights and actions.

Boost Hiring Manager Process Transparency

Gain clear insights with Job Intel. Monitor candidate supply, diversity goals, and historical trends. Benefit from automatic analysis and data lab benchmarks for informed hiring.

2x hiring manager review rates while improving the experience

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Innovative Recruitment Excellence

Supercharged Tech Stack

Integrate HiredScore effortlessly into your existing systems. Enhance agility, speed up processes, and pioneer proactive recruiting.

Hire Ethically with AI

Trust in our AI. We prioritize fairness through bias audits and ensure complete transparency in our operations.

Localized Global AI Solutions

HiredScore is truly global, yet locally adept. We adhere to international non-discrimination standards, operate in over 150 countries, and proficiently communicate in 70 languages.