Recruiter Productivity

Unleash the Power of Your HR Data

HiredScore’s artificial intelligence, orchestration, and deep integrations help you safely and transparently balance competing priorities and accelerate strategic hiring.

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Screening Augmentation


faster time-to-screen for candidates

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Reduce recruiter workload while increasing results

Talent Orchestration increases recruiter capacity for valuable human interactions, complex business problems, and accelerated achievement of HR goals. Our proprietary AI understands the overarching business goals and system functions to handle data issues and unplanned scenarios aligned with recruiter trust and end-user experience, including escalations, alerts, and automation stop-gaps, preventing common occurrences from impairing quality and results.

Instantly identify priority candidates

Harness the power of HiredScore’s proprietary and bias-mitigating AI to get a relevance score instantly for every applicant, based on each requisition’s specifications.

Capture business nuances with customized-by-company AI

In a fair and bias-mitigating manner, HiredScore captures nuances of each company’s business needs pre-launch for a highly precise understanding of each job and company hiring culture.

Benefit from explainable applicant scoring

Transparent and fully reportable AI logic behind each applicant’s relevance score ensures compliance and explainability of their relevance to the job’s stated requirements.

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Sourcing Automation


of Fortune 500 reqs could be filled with existing talent

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Increase your sourcing capacity by 3x

Instantly discover the most relevant leads for every role, including cross-talent search (internal, external, perm & flex), with AI-verified minimum qualifications achievement and candidate-interest-in-role predictions. automation, artificial intelligence, and deep integrations. Automatically convert consented talent to applicants or leverage recruiter workflow augmentation to review and recommend passive talent to the most relevant open req for them. Save time and increase results with automated outreach.

Automatically circulate talent to the most relevant role or pipeline

HiredScore automatically notifies recruiters and sourcers of better reqs for active candidates or pipelines for the future, including underrepresented talent, to ensure all talent are directed to the role they are most qualified for.

Efficiently source talent from all databases

Leveraging Fetch technology, actively source talent aligned to job qualifications across talent types (internal, passive, pipeline leads, and contingent talent) to holistically view passive talent while minimizing the use of bias-inducing keywords or delays.

Hiring Manager Collaboration


faster candidate review rates while improving the experience

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Remove the “track & chase”

Eliminate the manual work of emails and calls to progress processes by leveraging automation for real-time updates and smart reminders to minimize feedback and decision delays, driving speedier statusing and hiring decisions.

Unlock hiring manager process transparency

Job Intel provides real-time insights into req health related to candidate supply and diversity goals against historical data, with automatic analysis of past hiring trends and data lab benchmarks.

Improve the hiring manager experience

Converge data with holistic profiles for hiring managers to make quicker and unbiased candidate decisions in one-click, without the friction of multi-system knowledge or adoption. Hiring Manager Hub integrates across ATS, HCM, LMS, VMS and third party data to provide cross-platform intelligence and action options.

HiredScore: powering your tech stack

HiredScore connects seamlessly to your systems, enhancing agility, velocity, and proactive recruiting.

Fair, efficient hiring with ethical AI

Leverage our AI with confidence. Our proprietary AI provides bias audits and is fully explainable.

Global AI, local HR understanding

HiredScore adheres to global non-discrimination standards. Our technology, used in over 150 countries, supports 70 languages.