Talent Acquisition Tech
& The Modern Recruiter

In talent acquisition, the pace of change has accelerated. Companies face new pressures, new priorities, and new challenges when attracting and recruiting talent. With a significant labor shortage and The Great Resignation, talent acquisition is more complex than ever. But, as companies rush to transform with new technology, many have lost sight of the people doing the actual work—their recruiters.

The increased focus and investment in talent acquisition must include the recruiter. It's critical that companies carefully consider strategies and technologies that will directly impact their recruiting teams, yet they are too often overlooked in the decision making process. 58% of recruiters do not believe that leadership understands their role in the organization. As a result, recruiters are feeling overworked and one in three are exploring new opportunities.  

This report explores:

  • The disconnect between how leadership, IT, and recruiters view talent acquisition and the value of technology
  • How companies can better understand the role of the recruiter
  • How companies can implement solutions that will drive success and improve the recruiter experience

Research and report development by Aptitude Research with support from HiredScore.